How to … Set up LLBLgen Databinding in Visual Studio

LLBLGen Pro ships with its own DataSource controls:

  • LLBLGenProDataSource for selfservicing
  • LLBLGenProDataSource2 for adapter.

These also are located in the SD.LLBLGen.Pro.ORMSupportClasses dll for .NET 2.0 and you have to add them to the toolbox first. This can be done manually by right-clicking the toolbox when a webform is open in the editor (HTML or design view) and then by selecting ‘Choose items…’ which allows you to browse to the ORMSupportClasses dll for .NET 2.0. It’s key you add the ORMSupportClasses dll version you’re also using in your ASP.NET project, as VS.NET can load only one version of a given assembly and this could lead to type clashes in the web form designer. This is a problem with VS.NET 2005.


Next steps

  • Drag the llblgen data source onto your form.
  • Configure the datasource and select the entity (ignore view/list for now)
  • Test using a details view (or other rich data control) by setting the datasourceid to the llblgen datasource.

Data binding

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