Remove the comma from WebNumericEdit

 If you do not want to display the comma in the Infragistcs WebNumberic Edit control.

//WebNumericEdit control will use a comma to seperate number groups

//This will prevent 1234567 being displayed as 1,234,567

 //Requires: using System.Globalization;

NumberFormatInfo numInfo = new NumberFormatInfo();

numInfo.NumberGroupSeparator = “”;

this.txt_Pfizer_id.NumberFormat = numInfo;

4 thoughts on “Remove the comma from WebNumericEdit

  1. Hey Connor,

    How’s tricks? Nice blog you’ve got here, looks like you haven’t updated it in a while but some interesting articles on it at any rate! How’s everything in DC? I’ve started working as a software developer in Cork, doing mostly Oracle stuff. Will probably head over to the states next summer, likely the west coast though! Any mad trips to Boston lately?

    Take it easy,

  2. Can someone show me how to do this using VB.Net. How do I incorporate this into my code-behind. I’m new to Web development and not sure how to implement this. I’m using an Infragistics UltraWebGrid control that uses the “webnumericedit” control. I have a column that allows for a 4 digit year but it’s sticking a comma in the value.

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