Are companies afraid of social technologies?

The democratic user controlled power of Facebook is spilling over into the corporate world as users ask for more control and functionality. However, companies have yet to be persuaded. Is there an argument that the collective is wary of the persuasive power of the individual? Giving everyone a voice is seen as threatening by those with the largest share of the voice.

Companies regularly cite legal and compliance issues as barriers to social technologies. This negative ‘can’t do attitude’ will need to be addressed if companies want to improve their internal collaboration and information sharing. Traditionally companies have focused on vertical ‘reporting technologies’ to mainly track performance and financial information.

Social Technologies (using semantically structured information) will allow companies to connect their horizontal knowledge, people and resources. Companies who adopt this approach will be more likely to see an increase in productivity and innovation in todays virtual off site, tele-conferenced, 24/7, ‘always connected’ world.

Will “Power to the People” be the next big rallying cry within corporate IT?

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