Reverse Recipies – Search for receipes based on your ingredients

The average kitchen contains a pretty diverse range of ingredients that fill our fridges, shelves and cupboards. The majority of people often find that despite this variety they still have nothing to eat! Gordon Ramsay would probably struggle to make a tasty dinner in 15 minutes with a tube of wasabi paste, 5 cans of Black beans, frozen mince and some pad Thai noodles?

Unless of course, he had access to a service that could take in a list of ingredients and tell you what receipies could be made from them? So how about a website that asks what ingredients you have so that it can then suggest what you could prepare with them.

Its sounds pretty simple and offers a much ‘leaner’ process in the kitchen. How often have you read an interesting receipe but found that it required a trip to the store? Maybe this is some conspiracy between the stores and the petrol companies but I know this added effort has scuppered many of my best, yet never actually prepared, dinners :)

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