Don’t confuse a startups beachhead with their vision

Approaching Omaha Beach Normandy

The vision wasn’t Normandy. The vision was Berlin.

It’s the same with startups. Your vision is bigger than any beach in Northern France. Your vision is to disrupt the whole world and change history. Your vision is BIG.

Many a driven entrepreneur, rather than take the ordinary path, is blinded by their vision, and carves a new path. It should come naturally. If it isn’t big or impactful enough to sustain long term interest, why bother. Others may not see the things the same way, and that’s okay. Focus on the outcome. Steer the disruption. Feel it and soon maybe others will too. Nothing excites and energizes the entrepreneur more than this. The entrepreneur knows he can chafe the world and you better get on board or get out of her way.

Great. Let’s go to Berlin. You’ve convinced me. Now what? Oh shit.. that is less obvious… that is scary.

This is where I now focus my time and energy. Without Normandy there is no Berlin. Without somehow getting a small, yet strong, toe-hold in your target market you are going to struggle.

Facebook’s Normandy was Harvard. Apple’s Normandy was the home computer clubs.

Don’t give up on your vision. Just keep it at bay and focus on first finding your Normandy. A small initial market where you can focus all your energy and resources. A small strip of sand that you can attack, secure and defend.

So where is your Normandy?

3 thoughts on “Don’t confuse a startups beachhead with their vision

  1. Maybe not the best analogy seeing that the western allies failed to reach Berlin. The Soviets beat them to it.

    1. The reached Berlin alright, they just were not first and therefore ended up sharing that market for a very long time, until the ‘West’ became eventual market leader in 1990 :) Also, Normandy was part of the wider Allied Campaign to open a second Western Front. This helped the Russians advance faster as the German forces were divided.

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