Stop Delaying Your Most Important Job as Founder

First time founders are often guilty of outsourcing their sales responsibilities, but all too often, they are even more guilty of delaying selling in any capacity until it is too late. This delay often comes down to fear and that is why I’m constantly asking founders to test their sales hypothesis as soon as possible. … Continue reading Stop Delaying Your Most Important Job as Founder

The Startup Toolkit – IT tools

If you are launching an IT based Startup consider using the following affordable (or sometimes free) development toolsDomain Registration - GoDaddy or BlackKnightDevelopment Tasks and Bug Control - UnFuddle (Free)Code Repository - UnFuddle (Free) or (Free)Charting/Reporting - Google Graph and Visualization API (Free)Microsoft Software - Bizspark Program allows you free access to all MS products, … Continue reading The Startup Toolkit – IT tools

The Startup Toolkit – Business tools

If your launching a start-up consider these must have FREE toolsPhone Calls - Skype Chat - Skype, Google ChatFile Storage and Sharing - MyDropBoxBrainstorming - FreemindCollaboration - Google DocsMockups - Balsamiq MockupsMarketing - Twitter, Blogger, LinkedInCRM - ZohoEmail - Gmail (or paid Gmail Apps with your own domain)Funding - Business and Innovation Competitions

Tips to source developers from ELance

I recently spoke with Declan O'Sullivan from Bet-Tec (leading supplier of innovative and entertaining services to the betting industry) around his experiences using ELance (where companies find, hire, manage and pay contractors online). He described having mixed experiences "some good, some bad" and suggested using a developers 'reputation score' as your first filtering criteria.Declan went … Continue reading Tips to source developers from ELance

Questions to ask potential joiners to a start-up

The goal of this post is to help establish some key questions to ask up front to ensure that joiners to our start-up are a good fit.We have limited financial resources so need to use other incentives like restricted stock agreements, options, sweat equity etc... to ensure joiners are adequately motivated and rewarded. We have … Continue reading Questions to ask potential joiners to a start-up