Tip : Imagine Twitter as a major conference in order to understand how if fits with your business strategy

A client recently asked us ‘How does Twitter fit with their business strategy’

For the purposes of simplicity, we then asked our client to imagine that Twitter was a conference (albeit a virtual, never ending and free to attend event).

This gave our client the ability to quickly assess the strategic value of ‘TwitterCon’ like they would any major marketing event i.e. :

  • How much of our target market and competitors will be in attendance?
  • Do we want to go as an audience member, speaker or commit a team to an info booth?
  • Are we prepared to fund this commitment on an ongoing basis? (i.e. permanently man a ‘booth’ with regular tweets) 
  • How will we attract and keep the attention of conference go-ers?  (i.e. make them want to follow you)
It is not a perfect analogy but less tech savvy team members could quickly relate to how what was involved and were able to contribute to the decision.

Happy Conferencing!

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