NLP: Program your Communications

The lemon test is what first ‘sold me’ on the power of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to improve communication skills. NLP also helps you recognise when others are trying to influence or control the outcome of a communication/interaction. Affective use of NLP can involve a lot or practice and study but sometimes just knowing the concepts will be enough for you to know when you are facing an experienced practitioner.

NLP is an interesting subject to study and I enjoyed learning about the importance of non verbal communication (up to 80% of human interaction is non-verbal) and how people ‘tend’ towards a primary communication sense (audio, visual, emotions etc…). Simply calibrating your message to your audiences primary sense (i.e. ‘I hear you’, ‘I see what you are talking about’ or ‘I feel you are right’) can have a dramatic affect on getting your message across.

NLP encourages flexibility in order to communicate effectively.

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