Mobile/Blackberry Intellisense to avoid duplicate alerts

I’m currently working in a small room with 15 people. Everybody is connected to the network and has access to Outlook via VPN. The room is constantly buzzing and singing with a variety of ring tones and chirping signals. The problem is that these alerts are unnecessary due to the fact that the messages are duplicated and available via outlook.

It would be great if the Blackberry could ‘sense’ (presence awareness via messenger exchange settings or via bluetooth?) that it did not need to provide duplicate alerts. I have not yet found this functionality online. This should be a fairly simple feature to implement as software exists that can allow users to auto lock, unlock their machine when the blackberry is in or out of range via bluetooth.

My preference would be for a non bluetooth solution. Therefore Messenger (or the new Office Communicator) could be used to adjust the alert settings on a users blackberry when it ‘senses’ that a user is at/away from their workstation. This project could be an interesting university project as I doubt that it would have much commercial value.

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